a Disney Parody of ZOOM (PBS Kids Show (1999 and 1972)). The Mickey Mouse Club March will play every time before the ZOOM (Disney Friends) Theme Song

Disney Friends..

Disney Friends

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Cast Edit

1972 Show and 1999 Show Edit

First Gen Edit

  • Prince as Joe
  • Buzz Lightyear as Jon (Season 1)
  • Dopey as Kenny (1972 TV Show)
  • Janice as Bernadette
  • Lady as Andrae
  • Mad Hatter as Mike (1972 TV Show)
  • White Rabbit as Timmy
  • Snow White as Susan
  • Roger Rabbit as Norman
  • TJ as David (Season 2 (1972 TV Show))
  • Elinowy as Alisa
  • Taran as David (1999 TV Show)
  • John Smith as Jared
  • Pocahantas as Keiko
  • The Blue Fairy as Lynese
  • John Darling as Pablo
  • Marie Cat as Zoe
  • Nakoma as Caroline
  • Aladdin as Claudio
  • Kim Possible as Jessica
  • Lumiere as Kenny (1999 TV Show)
  • Pinnochio as Ray
  • Mowgli as Buzz
  • Cogrworth as Eric
  • Emily Yeung as Frances
  • Wendy Darling as Kaleigh
  • Tiana as Rachel

Second Gen Edit

  • Alice as Aline
  • Jiminy Cricket as Estuardo
  • Roo as Garrett
  • Peter Pan as Matt
  • Daisy Duck as Kortney
  • Meg as Shing-Ying
  • Prince Charming as Mike
  • Mulan as Cara
  • Ariel as Maya
  • Stitch as Francesco
  • Young Simba as Kyle

Third Gen and Onwards Edit

  • Young Nala as Noreen
  • Selena Gomez as Taylor
  • Demi Lovato as Emily
  • Nick Wilde as Nick

Guests Edit

  • Aaron Carter as Aaron Carter
  • Launchpad Mcquack as Mac C.
  • Captian Hook as Rafeal
  • Tinker Bell as Alison J.

Others Edit

  • Jack Skellington as Mr. Bones
  • Kanga as Nancy

Video Edit

The Mickey Mouse Club March is played before the ZOOM (Disney Friends) Theme Song

Episodes Edit

Total: 201

Specials Edit

Total: 6

Address/Email Song Edit

The Address/Email Song is a Song at the End of Every Episode of Disney Friends, it was sung in the Middle parts of the 1972 TV Series.

Box 350

Boston Mass


Today on ZOOM (Disney Friends) Edit

In the Beginning of Most Episodes of Disney Friends, Someone Says "Today on Disney Friends" and the scenes from the Episode are shown

Gallery Edit

The Mickey Mouse Club March is played before the ZOOM (Disney Friends) Theme Son