The LastWigglesToon's Parody of "The Wiggles"

The Kids.

the Kids

Cast Edit

  • Malcolm (Malcolm in the Middle) as Anthony
  • Dewey (Malcolm in the Middle) as Murray
  • Reese (Malcolm in the Middle) as Greg
  • Kenny (ZOOM) as Jeff
  • Ernie as Phillip
  • Blake Foster as Sam
  • DJ Tanner as Emma
  • Nick as Simon
  • Caillou as Lachy
  • Brad Boller as Brad
  • Doris as Dorothy the Dinosaur
  • Elliot Moose as Henry the Octopus
  • Snoopy as Wags the Dog
  • Mark Baker as Captian Feathersword

Gallery Edit

Kenny (ZOOM) as Jeff

Kenny as Jeff