Mayamo18's Parody of "The Wiggles"

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A Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue

Cartoon-All Stars to the Rescue

Cast Edit

  • Murray- Buzz (ZOOM)
  • Greg- Eric (ZOOM)
  • Emma- Caroline (ZOOM)
  • Anthony- Kenny (ZOOM)
  • Jeff- Mark (Cheaper by the Dozen)
  • Simon- Bart (The Simpsons)
  • Lachy- Singaling (Wee Sing)

and lots, lots, more

Gallery Edit

Buzz in ZOOM

Buzz as Murray

Eric in ZOOM

Eric as Greg

Caroline in ZOOM

Caroline as Emma

Kenny in ZOOM

Kenny as Anthony

Mark Baker as David

Mark as Jeff


Michael as Sam


Ted as Al


Frances as Kylie

Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue.

Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue